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improve reggae-hardcore experience…


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In the year 2003, guitarist, singer Alex Volkonsky and drummer Richard Romero, chose to make experimental reggae music together in the hardcore D.C. scene.  Paul Reaves joined in 2007 at Chief Ike’s Mambo Room, and completed the trio.  Part of the local  hooligan-street-punk establishment, various members have performed at Wilson Center, Food for Thought, Phantasmagoria, Tree House Lounge, Velvet Lounge, the Fillmore Silver Spring and Nations.  Combined they make improve reggae-hardcore music and, despite all adversity, push forward.


-Live at the Velvet Lounge (‘10)
-Demodub w/ Austin Purnell (’09)


Set duration: hour and twenty minutes of D.C. Reggae Rock



Gigs: those we remember

District 2 (11/26/’14)
-w/ Metrorail
Comet Ping-Pong (02/22/14)
-w/ Doc Night and the Hypnotixs
Velvet Lounge: (12/23/’10)
-w/ Reemstarr and Oscar and Swami Sound
Chief Ike’s Mambo Room: third wednesday, monthly (’07-’11)
-w/ H.R. Band ft/ Doc Night
-w/ Angel Row
-w/ Achtung Panda
-w/ SOL Bandits
-w/ Tasting Darkness
Heaven and Hell club: Adam’s Morgan Day (’09)
-w/ Austin Purnell on keys
Axiom club, 9th st. NW
-w/ Austin Purnell on keys
9:30 Club staff show (‘10)

Equipment list

-3 SM 58’s microphones
-DTX500 Electronic Drum Set
-Simmons DA50 amp
-5 piece Pearl drum set w/ Remo heads
-Paiste cymbals multiple series
-16 inch crash
-10 inch splash
-18 inch china cymbal
-22 inch crash ride
-14 inch high-hats w/ tambourine
-DW double bass pedals
-Fender Stratocaster (white)
-Fender Stratocaster (black/white)
-Peavy twin cam
-Boss delay, tuner and Metal Zone distortion petals
-Fender Jazz Bass (black)
-Yamaha Bass (black/white)
-Peavy Bass Amp head
-Peavy Bass Amp cabinet
-3 Mic stands
-Short mic stand
-Apogee ONE input device





Metrorail is known far and wide as the most on-time punk band–

we didn’t have day jobs, we’d show up Hours early.


We used to have a sign outside our practice space reading:



hahhah, but seriously folks, we’re all struggling artists,

throw us a bone, we’ll play your joint.

contact us at




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